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Godwin Recommends...The Richest Casino Bonuses In The World

read_my_blogBy now, you’ve probably realised that I don’t like messing about. For me, gambling is serious – serious fun, but also a serious way to win money, and that starts from the very first second I sign up for an account at a new casino.

If you don’t have a good bonus to offer, I won’t play at your casino. It’s that straightforward. Why would I, when I know there are great bonuses out there elsewhere? And when it comes to my recommendations for you, I apply the same principles.

I can picture the scene. You’re sitting there in front of your computer, frantically searching for bonuses. “Which should I choose, Godwin?” I hear you cry. “They all look good, how do I tell them apart?”. Relax. I’ve got you covered.

So sit back on your slots throne my gambling friends, and let the Grand Meister (that’s me, by the way) show you how it works. Regardless of where in the world you live, I’m going to show you the very best bonuses you’ll find anywhere on the Internet in 2017.

All part of the service, you can thank me later.

Making Sense of These Casino Bonuses

OK, I hear you. You know there are great bonuses out there, but you weren’t born yesterday. Sometimes these bonuses sound too good to be true. Newsflash – sometimes they ARE too good to be true, and it spins on the terms and conditions as to whether it’s worth it or not.

In some cases, the wagering requirements are enough to make your eyes water. I’ve seen ridiculous numbers like 100x in some case – 100x?! That’s $10,000 wagered to claim just a $100 bonus. Unless you can bend the laws of mathematics to your favour, that just will not cut it.

And you only find out these things once you’ve spoken to me, or once you’ve read through the terms and conditions, which often run to dozens and even hundreds of pages…

Before you go calling your lawyer, you can just check out my recommendations instead. I’ve gone through the terms and conditions of more casinos than I care to remember – when you’ve worked in this industry, it becomes a whole lot more interesting, believe me. If you don’t fancy spending all of your evenings reading through boring legalese and jargon, you can stand on my shoulders instead.

Bonuses are restricted through the terms and conditions, which will stipulate the wagering requirements, maximum wins, withdrawal conditions and the other restrictions casinos like to put in place to make things a little more difficult.

But they can also be restricted by the terms of the casino license. Depending on where a casino is based and licensed, it will be able to offer bonuses to some countries, but not to others. So let’s look at the best bonuses available, and everything you need to know by country, so you can get the best terms on your bonus.

United States

The United States is always a tricky one, because technically online gambling is illegal for US residents. Even President Trump thinks this is ridiculous – the one-time ill-fated casino mogul even set up a joint venture years before his election, so he could be poised to take advantage of any relaxation in these laws. His business is setup to leverage deregulation at state or national level, whichever comes first, poised to run online poker games if and when the law allows.

For a modern, Western democracy, these gambling laws do feel a little outdated. Especially when you look at places like the UK, where citizens are free to gamble in pretty much any way they like, it seems needlessly restrictive in the 21st century.

Anyway, rant over. I know my American friends still enjoy a flutter, in spite of the law’s attempts to keep them down. It’s more targeted at casino operators anyway, so has the effect of preventing domestic, US casinos from reaching out online. Instead, offshore licensed casinos pick up the slack, and the market for US gamblers does still exist in some quarters – even if operators are risking big fines in the US for breaching these laws.

Licensing from Kahnawake, Panama, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica and Curacao can, in some circumstances, allow for US players to be accepted, and deposits in US dollars.

From a player’s point of view, these are all legitimate licensing regimes, which will still generally ensure you have fair gambling. Although let’s face it, if you’re playing from the US, you are lucky to even be accepted in the first place. I always recommend you know your state-specific gambling laws, as well as having a good understanding of the federal level restrictions on online gambling. They usually just affect gambling operators, but it’s the kind of info you probably need to know.

Don’t despair though. There are still a number of great casinos accepting US players, with decent bonus offers available to get you started:

Miami Club
Ignition Casino
Raging Bull Casino
Las Vegas USA Casino
Manhattan Slots Casino

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth herself has been said to enjoy the occasional flutter. I can’t guarantee you that’s true, but it makes a good story, no? She looks like she enjoys a good gamble, anyway.

If she gambles online (and why wouldn’t she, these days), you can bet she does so with a casino that is based and regulated in the UK. Nothing but the best for Her Majesty.

The Gambling Commission is the body responsible for delivering the Queen’s will – i.e. that all gambling operators within the UK adhere to fair gaming principles. They offer licenses for remote gambling, including online operators, specifically based in and targeting the UK market.

As a UK citizen, casinos regulated by the Gambling Commission are your safest bet. You know what to expect from British gambling laws, and you should know that the Gambling Commission are broadly on your side.

Anyone who goes against the grain and tries to scam players will have their license revoked, and there are specific tests in place when granting licenses in the first place that are designed to prevent these problems. The casinos have to renew their license every year too, so there’s no getting away from the long arm of the law as far as treating their players fairly is concerned.

It’s worth noting that there are also a number of other territories and Crown Dependencies offering up gambling regulation of their own. Alderney, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and others are also in on the act, with their own regulatory regimes covering gambling and betting online.

UK players are relatively free to gamble with whoever they want, and there is no requirement for the license to be issued by the Gambling Commission for UK players to get involved. So you might find your casino is regulated in Malta, or in some other territory, but still opens its arms to UK players and deposits in Pound Sterling.

I still recommend checking the restricted countries list of any casino before you sign up. Or alternatively, if you can’t be bothered and you’d just rather get started, you can find pretty impressive bonuses for UK players at these casinos:

888 Casino
Mr. Green
William Hill Casino
Bet365 Casino


Unlike its southern neighbour, Canada is a pretty relaxed place when it comes to gambling. In fact, according to statistics, it’s worth over $13 billion annually as an industry, providing employment to over 130,000 Canadians.

The majority of Canadian households gamble on a regular basis, with some studies showing as many as 74% of the population enjoying the occasional bet. Fortunately, there are also a number of licensing agencies operating within Canada, in addition to offshore licenses which are mostly welcoming to Canadian players.

As a starting point, you’re allowed to gamble freely in Canada, no matter where you live and who you are playing with. The only restrictions in place target the operators, and provided you qualify by age, you’re allowed to gamble without any concern of breaking the law…a much more relaxed state of affairs than those facing their American cousins.

When you’re playing with casinos that are based and regulated in Canada, that regulation will come from one of the five recognised licensing authorities, who will accepted transactions in Canadian dollars as well as other supported international currencies.

They are the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Quebec Régie des Alcools des Courses et des Jeux, Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority, the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission and the British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement, respectively.

While the precise terms of gambling regulations vary with each of these authorities, it’s not really too much of a concern for Canadian players which of these offers the license. As long as you know someone is keeping an eye on your casino, you can play with confidence.

A few of my favourite casinos offer some pretty juicy bonuses for Canadian players. Check out any from the list below:

Ruby Fortune
Guts Casino


When you hear stats like 80% of Australians gamble on a regular basis, you can’t help but get the feeling that Aussies are a particularly keen bunch. I love the laidback, couldn’t-care-less attitude of Australians – they’re not stuffy or pretentious. I like to think that’s how I roll when it comes to online gambling too.

Gambling is regulated in Australia at both the national and state level. Central government handles overarching legislation, but licensing is handled through the regional, state authorities listed below.

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission – Australian Capital Territory
Licensing Commission – Northern Territory
Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing – New South Wales
Independent Gambling Authority – South Australia
Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation – Queensland
Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation – Victoria
Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor – Western Australia
Tasmanian Gaming Commission – Tasmania

Because the Aussie market is so competitive for players, you can get your hands on some great bonuses, with pretty decent terms compared to others I’ve seen. You are free to gamble with online casinos licensed by any of the states above, or alternatively by any casino that says it accepts Australian players.

If the casino is up for taking your business, you should have no concerns about the legitimacy of gambling there – as long as it is regulated somewhere in the world by a recognised gambling authority, you’re good to go.

My favourites for Australian players runs to quite a long list, but here is just a snapshot of the places you can play to claim a hefty welcome bonus along the way.

Thrills Casino
Guts Casino
Slots Magic
All Australian Casino
Casino Land
Yako Casino


I’m a big fan of all things Irish – particularly their whiskey. This pint-sized nation is no stranger to a Punt of two (one for the pun fans), and this is backed up by a gambling scene that is similar to its neighbour, the UK.

It’s estimated that gambling in Ireland could be worth €7.5 billion to the country’s economy by 2020. This is thanks in no small part to gambling laws enacted in 2015, which make it possible for casinos to obtain licenses in Ireland, as well as for foreign based casinos and gambling operators to reach Irish players.

The market in Ireland remains less developed than in the UK and in some other parts of the world, so it’s kind of like the dawning of the casino age there at the moment. This means that there is a smaller selection of Irish-based casinos, but that they tend to offer a good playing experience and some pretty useful bonuses for new players.

I can’t say whether that will always be the case, but I know that for the time being at least, it’s a good place to live if you enjoy online gambling with tasty bonuses and jackpots on offer.

Some of my favourite casino bonuses for Irish players are to be found with solid gaming sites, many of which have an international audience of players. While Ireland is still developing its own regulatory and licensing regimes for online casinos, these big name brands are already licensed to offer gambling services to Irish players, and they do so with some fantastic welcome bonuses as well. Who needs the luck of the Irish when you’ve got bonuses like these?

Check out:

Coral Casino
Grosvenor Casino

A Quick Word About Unlicensed Casinos Before You Go...

Before you disappear into the sunset on your hunt for more bonuses, I want to make one thing crystal clear. DO NOT, EVER, EVER play at an unlicensed casino. It doesn’t matter how good the website looks, or how good the bonus offer sounds. You are a mug if you fall for this, honestly – no matter where in the world you live.

The Internet is a big place, and unfortunately not everyone is as kind-hearted as your Godwin. In fact, some are downright robbing scum…and that’s putting it mildly. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the US and you’re finding it tricky to find a good bonus – with the lists I’ve provided there is no excuse.

When you play with an unlicensed casino, you would be as well setting your money on fire. You probably won’t win anything, and you’ll almost certainly never see your money again. And if you’re that intent on wasting your hard earned cash, you could just give it to me instead. Or a homeless person. Seriously – it’s your money, so spend it wisely.

The casinos I’ve listed above are all completely safe and licensed, obviously – that’s my very first criteria before I’d ever recommend a place to play. But beyond that, they offer casino bonuses that are amongst the best you’ll find, so you get the best value for signing up and depositing into your account.

Finally, I want to wish you good luck. Bonuses are all well and good, but you still need to win if you want to reach a Godwin-like status.

Let me know how you get on – in the meantime, you can check out my other articles and reviews on casinos to make sure you’re playing the best games, at the best casino sites, for the best gambling jackpots in the world.

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